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Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service are the things which renew humanity. 

 Community Issues Requiring Education 

Seeking to enhance the lives of all people through the creation of media and programs designed to inform, educate and enlighten the public about issues of social concern. 


Stories Are Light
is a series of short-form documentaries that entertain, enlighten, and educate.  

Produced to show that regardless of our situation, or feelings of isolation, we are all connected and experience life in similar ways. 

Stories are power. 

They are a timeless human tradition that connect and transform us - creating communities from individuals. 

Each video will be 10 - 15 minutes in length and will tell the extraordinary and inspiring stories of ordinary people.  

Judge Not.....

We all pass that person - the single mother; the homeless guy; the sexy woman in the BMW - and we pass judgement without knowing who they are, where they’ve been.  Without knowing their story. 

Stories Are Light will explore these experiences that connect us all.  Not just the facts about an experience, but the raw emotions, feelings, fears, and triumphs that we so rarely share.  

These will not be ‘easy’ stories to tell - and often controversial - but it is our belief these are exactly the topics that need to be explored.  Stories Are Light will hopefully shine in the darkest corners and light the path for those who feel alone in their experiences. 

The goal of this project is to produce 100 short-form documentaries, “sparks of life”, that are self-contained and stand alone.  Initially a web series, similar stories will be woven together to create a compelling documentary ‘quilt’ for larger distribution and film festivals. 

OUT in the Cold
Award winning documentary that explores the issue of homeless LGBTQ youth on the streets of America. 

Starting in 1998, Eric Criswell began volunteering on the streets of Denver and working with the homeless population.  Frustrated by the lack of resources and general awareness about the problem of gay youth on the street, he began work on "OUT in the Cold" to tell the stories of those who have been rejected by their family, community and society.  

Partnering with Martin Bedogne, the documentary explores the issue throughout the United States - taking the viewer on a journey through the streets of Los Angeles, the alley's of Denver and the corn fields of Indiana.  

In cooperation with the Matthew Shepard Foundation, CIRE created an Educational Action Packet inspired by the documentary to be used in high schools, universities and community centers to raise awareness and action about the gay teens thrown away in the alley's and streets.  

CIRE partnered with Alexandria Gibson to create a compelling photo exhibit that highlights the plight of children surviving on the street.  This powerful presentation travelled internationally and was featured in the California State Capital Building Rotunda in 2002. 


In 2009, CIRE partnered with 101 Heroes to provide educational assistance to rural villages of the Philippines.

Believing in the vision and inspiration of Edwin Santiago to have 101 friends, colleagues, family members and acquaintances contribute their time, money and resources to construct and stock a public library for school children in Bulacan, Philippines. 

Edwin wanted to continue his parents' humanitarian efforts and established 101 Heroes Foundation because of the strong correlation between illiteracy and poverty.  By providing books, computers and other learning resources, the Foundation believes it can bridge the gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged - with education and access to information we can empower all children! 

On February 26, 2010 the Pendleton Goldman Learning Center opened 2 years ahead of schedule and 600% bigger than we had initially planned!! 

The library was completely stocked with a variety of books, computers and learning stations.  During the opening ceremony we distributed 1,000 brand new t-shirts to all the kids and had a party for 1,400 children and 80 teachers.  It was truly an amazing ceremony that will help change lives forever! 

101 Heroes is now planning to build additional educational buildings in Bulacan and expand the Library project to other impoverished villages in the Philippines and internationally.  

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